LANCIA BETA MONTECARLO from 1975-1982                                                A new produced ANSA endsilencer with four 60 mm ANSA endresonators, beautiful made and fabulous sound, perfect fitting, ANSA nr. LN 2220 Price € 1.550,00 + shipping. The muffler is without the header/manifold LC 2281 (sorry not available anymore)

lancia beta montecarlo

ANSA Lancia Beta Montecarlo LN 2220ANSA Lancia Beta Montecarlo LC 2220(1980)

LANCIA Beta Berlina, endmuffler, Abarth Nr. 1522 with twin 50 mm chromium endresonators
€ 275,00 (Sorry sold!)

Alternative: Lancia Beta HPE ANSA endmuffler, Price € 195,00 (Sorry all sold)

Lancia BetaLancia Beta BerlinaLancia Beta HPE ANSA endmuffler (1) Lancia Beta HPE ANSA endmuffler (2) Lancia Beta HPE ANSA endmuffler (3)

LANCIA Y10 Fire (999-1050 cc) from 1985

ANSA spaghetti manifold, ANSA nr. AB 1381 (Sorry sold)

LANCIA Y 10 Fire 11,1-GT 1.3 i.e from 8/89

ANSA endsilencer, inlet inner diameter 43 mm  with 80 mm single pipe (Sorry sold)

NEW: again available from ANSA Italy a new line-up for the Lancia Delta HF Intergrale 4wd -8v 86-91- Delta HF 4wd 16v Evolutione 91-94 and also Stratos

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