MASERATI MEXICO 4.2-4.7 Coupe 1st series(inter pipe 48 mm) and Sebring(101/6-101/7-101/10) ’63-’69 (Sold out!)

ANSA rear silencer MS 0527/MS11727 (CM 64300) (Sold out!)

Also for the MASERATI Ghibli Coupe 4.7(115) ’68 to ch. nr. 2184 a centre silencer, Ansa nr. MS 0725 (CM 74357) Sold out!

MASERATI Ghibli Coupe SS 4.9/5.0 ’70-’73 a centre silencer, Ansa nr. MS 1425 (CM 65921) Sold out!

All above Maserati exhausts have been sold!

We now can provide you with the original ANSA exhausts which are again produced with ANSA Classiche Italy.

Please contact us with latest possibilities for elder Maseratis and many other historic cars


MASERATI MERAK V6 3000-3000 SS, one (NOS) ANSA exhaust system with twin Ansa endresonators on each side with Ansa nr. 1020 and incl. two connection pipes MS 1025 to the headers.

Built in the seveties by Ansa in Italy

Price € 2.200,00 incl. Vat + shipping

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