INNOCENTI 90-120-1000-De Tomaso, 1973-1985 an original ANSA Sports endsilencer, Ansa nr. IN 0797, ref. nr. 54.903.108 with German KBA nr. KBA 20706 with twin 60 mm chrome endresonators, brandnew new old stock. PRICE € 175,00 + shipping (Sorry all sold!)

INNOCENTI Mini Minor and J4
See Austin Mini and 1100

Austin 1100 Glider/Innocenti J4,cpl. Abarth exhaustsystem, Abarth nr. 1261/1207 recently discovered from a very old NOS, PRICE € 325,00 (Sorry sold)

Robbert-Jan Böttcher en Terlan 22-11-2014 056Robbert-Jan Böttcher en Terlan 22-11-2014 076Robbert-Jan Böttcher en Terlan 22-11-2014 075