Jaguar E-type (1) Jaguar E-type (5)JAGUAR E-type 3,8 and 4,2 ltr. series 1-1,5 and 2 Abarth Nr. 1296 for Spider, Coupe, Roadster(incl. twin middle silencer and endresonators including two Abarth brackets, Abarth clamps, complete as shown on the pictures!

Gives your E-type a beautiful nice steel growl and magnificent showing!
€ 1450,00 excl. BTW/Vat+ shipping(SORRY SOLD!)

Only the two Abarth & C. endpipes with twin chromium 60 mm endresonators, incl. the two Abarth hanging brackets, Abarth clamps, as shown beneath. Price € 995,00 excl. Btw/Vat + shipping

Sound video for Jaguar E-type 3,8 ltr. 1st series


Jaguar E-type, nr. 1296 nr. 6Jaguar E-type, nr. 1296 nr. 5Jaguar E-type, nr. 1296 nr. 4Jaguar E-type, nr. 1296 nr. 3Jaguar E-type, nr. 1296 nr. 2Jaguar E-type, nr. 1296 nr. 1Jaguar E-type nr. 1296-1344 cpl 006Jaguar E-type nr. 1296-1344 cpl 004Jaguar E-tyep 4,2 ltr endresonators nr. 6jpgJaguar E-type 4,2 ltr endresonators, nr. 1

Jaguar XKE, Abarth endresonators 3,8-4,2 E-type 004Jaguar XKE, Abarth endresonators 3,8-4,2 E-type 005Jaguar XKE, Abarth endresonators 3,8-4,2 E-type 001Jaguar XKE, Abarth endresonators 3,8-4,2 E-type 002Jaguar XKE, Abarth endresonators 3,8-4,2 E-type 003Jaguar E-type (6)Jaguar E-type (4)

JAGUAR XK140-XK150-XK150S, an ABARTH & C. dual silencer exhaust system(NOS) with four barrel 35 mm diameter exhaust pipes with chrome ends, including all the brackets and clamps. Abarth nr. 1083 or Fisher Products nr. Jag-100. Best look ever! It will give the Jag. an incredible steel Abarth sound, not to be compared with stainless steel systems.                                                                                                                             Price € 1.790 incl. Btw/VAt + shipping(SORRY SOLD)

JAGUAR MK10-420G Abarth & C. twin exhaustsytem, 5 piece system, Abarth nr. 1318 including Abarth frontmuffler, two middle mufflers and two impressive Abarth endresonator pipes incl. all the brackets, clamps and (canvas)hangers.

This system will fit perfect, only one complete system left!


IMG_3696Jaguar Mk 10 + 420G (1)Jaguar Mk 10 + 420G (5)Jaguar Mk 10 + 420G (4)Jaguar Mk 10 + 420G (3)Jaguar Mk 10 + 420G (2)Jaguar Mk 10 (4)