LANCIA APPIA V4, for 1st-2nd or for 3rd series a complete (NOS) Abarth exhaust system with small chrome endpipes, with Abarth nr. 1030(1st. series) or Abarth nr. 1031. Price € 795,00 +shipping(SORRY ALL SOLD!)

LANCIA FLAVIA 1500 Berlina, 1961-1967, series one, a 3-part NOS Abarth exhaust system with left and right chrome endresonators on the back, very impressive! Perfect fitting. With Abarth nr. 1184, price € 895,00 + shipping

LANCIA FLAVIA 1500/1800 Coupe series  1963-1968, an Abarth 2-part exhaust system including double Abarth endresonators with Abarth nr. 1240, Complete price € 750,00 + shipping.(SORRY ALL SOLD!)

LANCIA FULVIA Coupe, series 1 from 1965, Compelte Abarth & Co. exhaust system with middle silencer nr. 1282 + endsilencer, price € 725,00 + shipping(SORRY SOLD!)


LANCIA BETA MONTECARLO-SCORPION from 1975-1982                                                                                                                        A new produced ANSA endsilencer with four 60 mm ANSA endresonators, beautiful made and fabulous sound, perfect fitting, ANSA nr. LN 2220 Price € 1.555,00 incl. 21% Dutch VAT/Btw + shipping.

NEWS: We now can supply a tailormade Spaghetti stainless steel manifold/downpipe 4-2-11, which fitts exactly to the ANSA sports exhaust nr. LN2220.

Price € 675,00 incl. Btw/Vat + shipping

When you are interested in the stainless endsilencer SS1703 with twin exhaust pipes, please contact us and you will get a quote soon!

lancia beta montecarlo

ANSA Lancia Beta Montecarlo LN 2220ANSA Lancia Beta Montecarlo LC 2220(1980)

LANCIA Beta Berlina, endmuffler, Abarth Nr. 1522 with twin 50 mm chromium endresonators
€ 325,00 (Sorry sold!)

Alternative: Lancia Beta HPE ANSA endmuffler, Price € 195,00 (Sorry all sold)

Lancia BetaLancia Beta BerlinaLancia Beta HPE ANSA endmuffler (1) Lancia Beta HPE ANSA endmuffler (2) Lancia Beta HPE ANSA endmuffler (3)

LANCIA Y10 Fire (999-1050 cc) from 1985

ANSA spaghetti manifold, ANSA nr. AB 1381

LANCIA Y 10 Fire 11,1-GT 1.3 i.e from 8/89

PRICE € 325,00 + shipping

ANSA endsilencer, inlet inner diameter 43 mm  with 80 mm single pipe (Sorry sold)

NEW: again available from ANSA Italy a new line-up for the Lancia Delta HF Intergrale 4wd -8v 86-91- Delta HF 4wd 16v Evolutione 91-94 and also Stratos

Please ask for a quote!