We are also specialised in delivery of custom-made exhaust racingparts for racing and street. Specially for the Abarth Coppa Mille we produce stainless steel racing exhausts for the Fiat-Abarth 500/595/695, 1000TC-TCR and Autobianchi A112 Abarth. As an alternative to stainless we produce steel racing manifolds for the 1000 TC which can be coupled to the racingsilencer or to an original steel Abarth silencer. It is even possible to make your own exhaust with parts we sell.

We stock Abarth endmufflers and middlemufflers to suit Ferrari and Maserati big horsepower cars,with large internal diameters for the endresonators, twin in/twin out end- and middlemufflers.(See also chapter Abarth and Simca-Abarth)


Also in our programm is a alternative to the Campagnolo Electron magnesium rims:

We have a set of Cromodora  Magnesium 6 x 14″  (5×105) and more and more


A set of 4 aluminium rims 5,5j-13, beamed and powdercoated, 4 x 98 and ET25, tubeless. They are very Look-a-Like to the original Campagnolo Electron magnesium rims and much safer to race and use on the road.

Price per set € 795,00

JUST arrived a set of four steel Borrani’s 4,5j-12, suited for Fiat-Abarth 595-695 and 500

Still in original condition, year 1970

Price per set € 495,00

Stainless steel racing manifold coupled to a stainless steel silencer 95 dB, excl. brackets for Fiat 600/1000TC

Price € 795,00

– Stainless steel manifold for 1000 TC( endmuffler not included!)

As shown above.

Price € 395,00

– Steel manifold, black or white heatproofpaint treated for 1000 TC

Price € 395,00 excl. brackets

– Stainless steel racing silencer, 95 dB, single big bore pipe, incl. Y-connection + springs for 1000 TC

Price € 395,00

Alternative: FLAME INOX pipe, cpl. with Y-connection and springs € 225,00


Now also available Stainless racing endmuffler with MAXtreme patent with catalysator and Lambda sonde connection, incl. Y-connection cpl.

MAXTREME Performance is a well known company from Holland, specialized in Motor-Racing exhaust systems and uses a this unique patent to reduce the dB’s

No POWERLOSS and still max. 92 dB, to use for your Fiat-Abarth 1000 TC.

Avoid the BLACK FLAG! See the maxtreme silencer as listed above!

Price € 650,00


– Stainless steel racing silencer, 95 dB, with twin chromium original Abarth endpipes, choice of Y-connection or single front pipe; diameter to choice

Price € 395,00

ABARTH modified special exhaust for Fiat-Abarth 124 CSA Group 4 and 131 Abarth Group 4

with 60 mm inlet and 34 mm internal diameter resonators, Price € 435,00

– Cpl. Steel Abarth silencer including steel manifold, black or white paint for 600/850TC/1000TC

Price € 695,00

– Abarth 1600cc silencer to weld on

Price € 245,00

– Y-connection, steel, incl. springs

ABARTH endmuffler with twin inletpipes,  1 x up to 150 HP and one up to 200 HP, Price 325,00

Mercedes 250 Se 34 mm inner diameter endpipes Mercedes 250SE endmuffler (4) Mercedes-Benz 200-220 endmuffler Fiat-Abarth 1600 OT (1) Fiat-Abarth 1600 OT (2) Fiat-Abarth 1600 OT (3)

Now also available:

A pre-1963 original ABARTH endmuffler, with twin 35 mm chromium endpipes, dimensions muffler 310 x 155 x 90 mm, pipes are 280 mm long, various inlet diameters, PRICE € 295,00

Abarth muffler 38 mm endpipes (1) Abarth muffler 38 mm endpipes (2) Abarth pre 60, (2)

Price € 49,00

– Y-connection, stainless, incl. springs

Price € 60,00

– Stainless steel cpl. racing exhaustsystem for Fiat 500/595/695, 95 dB very nice flow.

Price € 395,00

– TCR style stainless exhaust for 1000 TC

With this special the loudest car in the Abarth Coppa Mille/Kampf der Zwerge

Price € 790,00 (delivery on special request)

ANSA endresonators, round(60mm)and square resonator(80mm), to weld on, various dimensions inlet 38-42-51-57-60 mm

Gets the dB down, Price € 29,50 each

Single chromium endpipe, inner diameter 29 mm Price 15,00

Double chromium sidepipe TK0007 € 29,50

All prices incl. VAT, excl. transport