New Abarth & Co sports exhaust for Austin-Healy 3000 Mk. III, BJ8

Austin-Healy 3000 Abarth Nr. 1303 010Austin-Healy 3000 Abarth Nr. 1303 009Austin-Healy 3000 Abarth Nr. 1303 008Austin-Healy 3000 Abarth Nr. 1303 007

We now can offer the original Abarth & Co Sports exhaustsystem for the A-H 3000 Mk III, BJ 8.

It is a two part system with the middle twinsilencer Abarth nr. 1303 and with twin 60 mm chromium endresonators which go straight through on the left side, including the bracket and clamps. Beautiful strong amazing dark Abarth sound, only a steel exhaust can make this tone!

Price € 495,00 incl. VAT/Btw

New Abarth & Co, 2-piece exhaustsystem for DATSUN 240Z, now available

Datsun 240Z, Abarth exhaust nr. 1444 (2)Datsun 240Z, Abarth exhaust nr. 1444 (1)Datsun 240Z, Abarth exhaust nr. 1444 (3)Dtsun 240Z Abarth exhaust nr. 1444

We now can offer this Datsun 240Z complete 2-piece Abarth exhaustsystem(NOS), incl. the Abarth middlesilencer and Abarth endmuffler with Abarth nr. 1444

Price € 495,00 incl. VAT/Btw

New(NOS) MG B 1800 Original Abarth & Co exhausts with Abarth nr. 1222

MG B 1800 cpl. Abarth exhaust nr. 1222 (1)MG B 1800 cpl. Abarth exhaust nr. 1222 (2)MG B 1800 cpl. Abarth exhaust nr. 1222 (1)

We can now offer the original Abarth & Co exhaust system for the first series MG B 1800 and the later MG B 1800 GT with Abarth nr. 1222, incl. all the original Abarth hangers and clamps

Price € 595,00 incl. VAT/Btw

Maserati ANSA endmuffler and middlemufflers for Mexico/Sebring and Ghibli

We now have an original ANSA endmuffler for a Maserati Mexico/Sebring for sale.

Also two ANSA middlemufflers for a Maserati Ghibli

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ANSA (NOS) original exhausts for several makes

We now have in our programm several original ANSA exhaust and manifolds for makes like Fiat Coupe-Barchetta, Fiat 128 manifold, Fiat Uno Turbo i.e. Maserati Mexico-Sebring, MG B, Opel Kadett C and E 1800-2000 GSI, Datsun 280ZX, Mini-Rover 1,3, Porsche 356/912, Porsche 911 2.7, Porsche 2.0-2,2-2,4 Competizione Racing exhaust. And also several ANSA endresonators(round and square) in different incoming diameters. To weld on!

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Fiat-Abarth 1300/124 Replica Abarth exhaust

We now have in stock a replica Abarth exhaust for the Fiat 1300/124.

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VOLVO 144S SOUNDCHECK double Abarth exhaust

Here is a SOUNDCHECK of the beautiful double(L+R) ABARTH cpl. exhaust from a Volvo 144S/1970. It is a spectacular sight and sound.

Abarth Nr. 1341/1309 see under Shop

Volvo 144S double Abarth exhaust SOUNDCHECK

Set of four steel Borrani’s 4,5j-12 suited for Fiat-Abarth 595-695 series

Just arrived: A set of four steel Borrani’s 4,5 j-12, original rims from 1970

Price per set € 495,00

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New planned activities for 2014

We already published that we were present at the Techno Classica in March 2014 on the stand of in the Galleria. Lots of interst for our featured exposed racingcars and of course also enthousiastic stories from our customers who have mounted their original Abarth exhausts und their cars.

Furthermore we have planned to be present at the ADAC Masters at Zandvoort from 9-10 May 2014.The Kampf-derZwerge racingseries will be strongly presented with a field of over 50 racingcars, like Fiat-Abarth, Autobianchi, Fiat, Simca, Mini, NSU and Steyr-Puch

In June we will be present at the famous historic hillclimb “Silver Flag”at Castell Arquato and one week later at the 5th Historic ABARTH Trackday at Franciacorta near Brescia on Friday the 27th of June 2014 organised by Berni Motori and Fiat Franzoni Auto and RIA Italy.  Maybe also present at the Nave-Caino-San Eusebio Hillclimb north of Brescia in the same weekend!


Abarth & Co endmuffler for Fiat-Abarth 1600 OT/1964

The well-know Fiat-Abarth specialists Middle Barton Gargae from England have mounted this very special Abarth endmuffler with twin entrance pipes and 34 mm inside endreonators under a Fiat-Abarth 1600 OT from 1964. It must now go like a rocket and the sound must de awesome with this original Abarth exhaust.

We still have some examples in stock!